What is new in SharePoint 2019

What is new in SharePoint 2019? 

After 15 years journey of SharePoint a new milestone pillar is now in our way i.e. 2019. As usual it is under bundle of office 365. Let’s look into what are new in this version?

The Modern Experience: in 2016 the big disadvantage was lots of modern SharePoint feature. But in 2019 we have received large chunk of modern experience.

Access Services 2013: Now sending mail is possible from Access Services 2013.

Webpart : The new HERO web part capable to display five items together.

Fast Site Creation: This is new feature which is as of now available with three site templates – Team site, Communication site and OneDrive personal site. Hope, this

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A problem occurred evaluating root project ‘android’ flutter

To develop a flutter project, sometimes when you try to run mobile emulator from Android Studio or Microsoft Visual Studio Code, you may encounter error like –
“A problem occurred evaluating root project ‘android’ flutter.”

The reason might be different for each case  but for me the reason was that all SDK package licenses was not accepted by me. I found it by ran the command

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What is Property Binding in Angular 2?

Property Binding in Angular 2

Here we enclose the property element name with square bracket or after ‘bind-‘  word and class property should be enclosed inside double single course. Let check it using an example. Here we are showing google.com logo Continue reading “What is Property Binding in Angular 2?”

What is Interpolation in Angular 2?

What is Interpolation in Angular 2?

Interpolation is all about data binding. The  easiest way of show dynamic data to view. In Just need to pass property name enclosed within open close curly braes i.e. { { property  }}.

Interpolation are three types –

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Nested Component in Angular2?

Nested Component in Angular2?

Nested component means a component under another component. Just to iterate what I discussed in my early post , component is a class with a template and  decorator/metadata.

However, if you want to know more details about component then please visit my previous post –  https://indianjackofalltrade.com/what-is-components-in-angular2

Hence, we will create below tables with nested component approach. As you can see we can divide the form in two parts, one is header and another one is table.  First of all we will see how to create table header then its contents, after that we will connect both as nested component.

Student Details

1. Modify app.component.ts code with below code –

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What is Template and TemplateURL in Angular2?

What is Template and TemplateURL in Angular2?

To understand the different between template and templateurl, first you have to understand what is template. Hence, you please read my previous article here – https://indianjackofalltrade.com/what-is-components-in-angular2/

Therefore, lets iterate the concept once again.

Template is part of decorator which helps to build user interface because it contains the HTML, directives and bindings. This can be form by two ways –

1. Template

2. TemplateURL

1. Template: HTML code is written  against template property directly. See below example –

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What is components in Angular2?

A class with a template and a decorator/metadata is called component. Lets make it more clear.

Template – It render the view of the application, in other way we can say it defines the user interface which contains the HTML, directives and bindings.

Class – It is same like AngularJS Controller. Class contains actual business logic (code) template. It is like a class in any other OOPS language like Java or C#. The class consist of functions and properties.

Decorator – Template hold by decorator. Its associate template with component. Its helps to decorate the class with extra information.

Now explaining it with an example.

1.  Write a small piece of code to understand each point .

import {Component} from “@angular/core”
template:`<h1>Hi {{name}}</h1>`
export class AppComponent{
name: string = “Krishnangshu Banerjee”;

2. Then from console run ng serve -o and browser will open automatically and the output will be –

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How to stop infinite loop of MS Flow when SharePoint item modified

Recently I was developing a workflow using MS flow for my client. The basic requirement was to update SharePoint list. During development I was surprised because workflow was not stopping when updating a list item. It was getting into infinite loop. Then after lot of investigation I found that whenever updating an item the MS Flow ‘When an item is created or modified’ trigger again and it’s become never ending. Now the question is it possible to stop? Yes.

Let’s discuss the solution in details.

Step 1: Create a list and name it ‘FlowTest’ with column ‘Country’ and ‘First Letter’. Country is a drop-down column with values – Brazil, India, USA.

Step 2 :  Now Create a MS flow with same name as list name. The logic of the MS flow is when Country field value is ‘Brazil’ the flow will update ‘First Letter’ field value to ‘B’ otherwise ‘Unknown’.

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