Install Dart in VS Code

What is Dart?

Dart is class-based, object-oriented language like our traditional C# or Java language. Dart is official programming language of Google. It is scalable language which helps us to write web application, mobile app, command line script, server side application. We will install DART version 2.18.0. During your installation the version might be different but don’t worry, the installation process is same.


Install Dart in VS Code 

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A problem occurred evaluating root project ‘android’ flutter

To develop a flutter project, sometimes when you try to run mobile emulator from Android Studio or Microsoft Visual Studio Code, you may encounter error like –
“A problem occurred evaluating root project ‘android’ flutter.”

The reason might be different for each case  but for me the reason was that all SDK package licenses was not accepted by me. I found it by ran the command

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