Install Dart in VS Code

What is Dart?

Dart is class-based, object-oriented language like our traditional C# or Java language. Dart is official programming language of Google. It is scalable language which helps us to write web application, mobile app, command line script, server side application. We will install DART version 2.18.0. During your installation the version might be different but don’t worry, the installation process is same.


Install Dart in VS Code 

So, let’s starts the installation, if you will face any difficulty please insert your
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STEP 1: First you need to install VS code which of free editor by Microsoft. You can download it from

You will see installer for three different type of operation system. Choose the installer based on your operation system. I have installed it for Windows 2010, so the installer name was VSCodeUserSetup-x64-1.26.1.exe.

VS Code

STEP 2 : Double click on the installer and go by next, next, next, as usual any Microsoft product. After successful installation open the VS code  its look like below –

VS Code

STEP 3:  Now you have to install DART. Click on File menu then ‘Open Folder’. Choose any location and click on ‘New Folder’ and rename the folder as ‘DartLearning’ and click on ‘Select Folder’. The VS code widow will look like –

VS Code

STEP 4 : Now we have to install DART in VS Code. Either you click on box icon in left side or press Ctrl+Shift+X. If you hover on the icon it will show the tooltip text ‘Extentions’, click on that and a text box will appear. Type text DART into the box then DART extension will appear and click on install. When you are installing DART the version might be different but don’t worry go head and install.

VS Code

STEP 5 : Once installation is done, close VS Code then open it again.

STEP 6 : Now we will test that dart is running perfectly. Open folder ‘DartLearning’ and click on ‘New Folder’ VS Code icon beside the ‘DartLearning’ folder name in VS code and name it lib.

STEP 7 : Now click on VS Code icon to create a new file and name it main.dart.

STEP 8 : Write below code in main.dart file –
print(‘Hello DART’);

STEP 9 : The VS Code screen will be like this –


STEP 10 : Now we have to test the code. Click on ‘Debug’ DART
icon then it will open a new panel in left side. You can see a green play button DART on top of the panel, click on this to execute the code. The output should be Hello DART on console window. See below the screenshot.


You ran your first DART program. Your environment and you are now ready to learn new lessons on DART.

Enjoy DART coding !!!


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