What is full stack development ?

In general term you can say full stack development is “Jack of all trade but master of none“. Sounds crazy…right? But this is what business world demanding now. As per technical definition of Full Stack Development you can say “it is such a web development model where developer should be efficient enough in both the front-end and back-end technology means full stack of technology that build up a website. They are proficient in server, network and hosting environments as well”.

In earlier stage of web development, there was two type of developer, front end developer and back end developer. Front end developer was responsible for page design, normally used to work on HTML, CSS, photoshop etc. and in some cases need to write client side scripting language. Back end developer was implementing the business logic using server side language like ASP.Net, PHP, Python etc. Moreover they used to write SQL store procedure, function etc.

Why Full Stack Developers are in demand?

if you observe your family then you find that when you need something, you obviously search for the person who knows every corner of your house, in normal case that is your Mom.

Same as business wants some point of contact from development team who can answer every questions, as well as guide and suggest them with good solution. In that way Full Stack developer are in demand now.

How to become a Full Stack Developer?

To become a full-stack developer you should have knowledge of multiple languages or tools-

  1. Html/CSS : HTML is basic building block of a web page. This actually hold the skeleton a page. CSS are cosmetics to decorate the skeleton. As a full stack developer you should know how to build a page and applying CSS on it.
  2. JavaScript : All client side activity are controlled by JavaScript. Now a days many framework and library available in market like Angular, React, Vue etc. Full Stack developer must me master of one of this.
  3. Server Side Language : Full stack developer must be able to handle databases, user authentication, server, and application logic. There are plenty of option available  in market, most popular languages are Node.js, Python, Ruby, Java, PHP.
  4. Database and Storage : Database like SQL Server, MongoDB are use to stores business data. Full Stack developer must aware of how to connect to database, how to write optimized store procedure, function. Also need knowledge of web storage which is used to store session, cookies, and the cached data.
  5. Web Architecture : To build a optimized web application with good performance, you must have knowledge of web architecture.
  6. Source Control : TFS(team foundation server) and GIT are code repository of your code. Full Stack developer must know how to control versioning of the code, how to schedule build using those tool.

If you see the Stackoverflow demand report then you can understand how demanding is Full Stack developer.


Full Stack Development Report


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